Small Business Internet Marketing Principles For Rapid Growth

If you are a small business owner trying to carve a spot within your target market on the online world, then you are probably competing with some big fish competitors as well. Therefore, you need to find ways for your small business to stick out in order to survive in your market. You also need to rely on some reputable small business internet marketing tactics in order to see some nice business growth. Discussed in this article are a few ways you can use small business internet marketing techniques to put even your multi-million dollar a month competitors to shame.

In small business internet marketing, the first thing you need to consider is how you are going to stand out. Uniqueness is a very powerful thing in the online world. If you are able to provide a benefit or service that your competitors can’t provide, then you will be able to stick out. In order to get from under the shadow of your larger competition and stiff market, then you must set your small internet business apart by supplying something of value that your competitors are not.

In small business internet marketing, the next thing you need to do is beat your competitors to the top. In other words, you want to outrank all of them in the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The point is to dominate your target market for a number of different keyword phrases that people within your target audience search for. You have to optimize each of the pages on your website in order to rank for a certain keyword.

The last and most strategic small business internet marketing method that will put you ahead of the game involves something that may sound contradictory. It is based on this one concept, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”. Therefore, this last method involves forming joint ventures and strategic alliances with your competitors. This is the quickest and fastest way to seeing major net profits in your online business.

Ways to Make Money Online – Secrets of Online Business, Internet Marketing

Have some good ideas to do business. Try it as a online business first. It is low risk and it is the best way to test out your business model. If you have not heard of it, listen closely now. Internet marketing is the new way to do business.

That’s what Google says and the world agrees in tandem.

We will compare a typical business with an online business here.

Typical business
- overheads (rental, inventory, wages)
- limited customer base on walk-in
- low budget for marketing
- time intensive
- Operational only during opening hours

Online Business
- Low overheads
- Unlimited customers, you can reach where there’s internet
- Low budget for marketing but marketing is free on the Internet
- Time intensive only on creation on the website, it is one off effort
- Operational as long as the server does not crash

It is quite obvious that online business is the way to make money online compared to a typical business.

On the internet you can set up all kinds of business and you can also specialize in any business sector. If you are good with products, you can outsource your products to others to market for you. You can have a market plan which is profit sharing, commonly known as commission pay per sales.

If you are excellent with marketing, then you can earn commission for marketing other people’s product.

If you have a business idea, it would be best for you to test out on the Internet because it is low cost and you have the whole of Internet users as your customer. If it does not even generate good sales from the Internet it is unlikely that it can earn a profit in a typical business with all the cost.

Local Business Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Local business online marketing is difficult for the small local business owner. In fact it’s really tough. If you read some of the industry forums you’ll find many business owners asking each other how to make their local business online marketing work.

The small business owner generally can’t afford to hire an expert to tackle this for them. Often the cost can be over $1000 per month. Not only that, you have to sign a contract for 6 months or a year, that scares small business owners to death.

Studies show that over 60% of business owners who attempt local business online marketing drop it after 6 months. My guess is that their business is smaller than the 40% of the businesses who continue to find it profitable.

You see, there are two main options for business online marketing. One is pay per click and the other is directory listings. These options can be great if your marketing budget can afford for you to get top placement. To be found in pay per click and directory listings you need to be near the top where the eyeballs are looking.

Of course the marketing companies know this and charge a premium for those spots. The small business is at a great disadvantage trying to slug it out with the national franchise outfits.

So how can local business online marketing work for the little guy?

Well, the good news is 60% of people never look at paid search results, they just look at the organic results. What if you could place a promotion for your business there?…Well now you can.